Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

Who Will Win Top Chef Season 15?

Top ChefThe time has finally come to find out who will win Top Chef Season 15 and we are on the edge of our seats.

Last week we were shocked to see Joe Sasto eliminated from the competition. He had been a front runner throughout the season and impressed the judges week after week. In last week’s episode, it was clear that Joe was not confident in his dish. However, as Adrienne pointed out, the last time Sasto wasn’t happy with his dish, he won first place.

The episode was intense, as they were cooking at the Food and Wine Festival in Aspen, Colorado. They had to complete the entire dish outside, using a cowboy cauldron, which proved to be a challenge for the Chefs.

Joe Flamm was criticized for using mini zucchini’s instead of full size ones while Adrienne Cheatham had to completely change directions of her dish in the middle of the challenge.

It seemed like it was anyone’s game but with the complexity of Sasto’s dish, we didn’t expect to see him go. However, as we know, on Top Chef it’s not always the most complex dish that wins. Often times a simple dish executed well will win over a complex dish with mediocre execution. We were sad to Sasto go but the show must go on.

The finalists are Joe Flamm from Chicago, IL and Adrienne Cheatham from Harlem, NY. Both Chef’s have extreme talent in the kitchen. We feel like they definitely have different styles and strengths though so it’ll be interesting to see how the finale plays out.

Does anyone want to bet Joe Flamm goes Italian and Adrienne makes fish?!