Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
emfit challenge

What is the EmFit Challenge?

Are you looking for a full body transformation but struggling with how to get it done? Let us recommend the EmFit Challenge. Emily Schromm, who you may recognize from Real World or MTV’s The Challenge, is the creator and motivator behind this workout. Let us break it down for you.

Who is Emily Schromm?

Emily first graced our television screens back in 2009 when she appeared on the twenty third season of MTV’s reality television show The Real World: Washington, DC. Since that debut we have seen her many times over the years on MTV’s other reality show The Challenge. It was The Challenge that gave us a real glimpse into her athletic abilities and chiseled physique, which have only seemed to be improving over the years. The reality TV days may be behind her but her career in the fitness industry has only just begun. Schromm is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit coach, and nutritional therapy practitioner who combined her knowledge and skill sets to design the EmFit Challenge.

What is the EmFit Challenge?

CrossFit inspired workouts, paleo eating, and Emily as your virtual personal trainer. That’s what you can expect from this challenge. It’s based on a point system – you accumulate points every day and can total up to 8 points per a day. Points are based on movement, fish oil, water, no sugar, no alcohol, no refined carbs, point executed (based on tip from Emily), and timing (no eating after 8:30PM). Each day you enter your points and it’s tracked on the community leaderboard. Moreover you can expect daily tips from Emily, home workouts, meal plans, grocery lists, stress management and more.

Now, be careful when choosing which version you’d like to complete. Emily describes the two versions as:

Version 1 … the basics of macronutrients, becoming fat adaptive, and understanding where your energy comes from. We have some videos about gut health and adrenal health and great workouts that you can do at home or in the gym. This is a foundation for all challengers who want to learn how to burn fat as fuel, see weight loss, and get just a little nerdy. There are meal plans and recipes too! We highly recommend (and would require if I could) doing this version before doing version 2.

Version 2 … you already know the basics: fat adaption, macros. Now we tap into higher concepts: fasting, toxic overload, visceral mobility, thyroid health, SIBO, herbs, and other topics that we can get REAL nerdy on. This version is less about the points (but they will still be available!) and more about the knowledge. We’ll have all new workouts and a completely new meal plan as well! If you’ve done version 1 and loved it, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow!

How much is it?

21 days, $21. Can you beat it?

What is the EmPack?

The EmPack is a workout tool that was created by Emily herself. She found herself in a situation where she was unable to find a gym but desperately needed a workout. She resorted to using her suitcase for lifting but found it extremely impracticable so her next idea; the EmPack.

The EmPack looks like a bookbag and inside are reservoir packs that fill with water to add extra weight. You can place up to 4 reservoirs in one pack, with the average reservoir weighing between 12-14lbs. Just load them in and start lifting!

When can I start?

The next EmFit Challenge starts April 2nd. Visit her site to sign up today.

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