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What Are Your Dreams Really Trying To Tell You?

what are dreamsWhat Are Your Dreams Telling You? Sometimes your dreams are perfectly straightforward, and you know what they mean. Maybe you dream about the big presentation that you’ve got to make, or about kissing that special someone you’ve been crushing on.

In most cases, however, dreams are somewhat harder to understand. The world of the subconscious can be pretty cryptic, and even though everyone spends around two hours per night dreaming, they’re still trying to figure out what it all means.

One thing is clear though: across cultures and times, many people experience similar themes in their dreams, and psychologists believe that some of these themes are related to clear emotional underpinnings.

So what are your dreams saying about you?

Flying- Usually, dreams about flying reflect your sense of control over your life.

Flying high and free shows that you’re confident and sure of your path, while unsteady flying means that you’re feeling out of control whether it’s at work, in your personal life, or of some specific issue you’re facing.

Babies- Not exactly what we expect!

what are dreams

Contrary to popular belief, dreaming about a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to start reproducing. It refers to an openness to new starts, or to a life change that you’re ready to make.

Being Chased- Time To Face Up!

Being chased is a highly common dream, particularly for women. It usually signals that you’re ready to face up to something you’ve been avoiding for a while. Although this may seem like a scary or negative dream, it represents a readiness for positive change in your waking life.

Exams- Dreaming about having to take an exam is usually associated with work stress.

A common theme is having to take a test for which you are unprepared, and it quite closely parallels your waking feelings, usually meaning that you’re under pressure at work and unsure whether you can handle it.

Teeth Falling Out

Losing your teeth in a dream usually reflects a loss of confidence. That can be a sign that you need to look after your self-worth and build your self-esteem in your daily life, rather than signaling any actual inferiority.


Many people dream about driving a vehicle that is out of control, and this is usually pretty straightforward; it means that you’re feeling out of control in your life. However, watch out for other people in the dream with you. An out-of-control driver that’s not you may be a person you don’t trust deep down; a passenger in your out-of-control car be someone you aren’t doing enough for, possibly a friend, partner, or family member.

Being Naked

Nudity is usually a sign of vulnerability, and being naked reflects a feeling of nervousness about exposing yourself to other people. Pay attention to your environment for clues. Are you feeling vulnerable in a social situation, at work or school, or in your own home?


Death is a positive when it comes to dreaming. It means that you are ready for a dramatic change in your life, usually opening up the door to something new and good.

There’s no definitive guide to tell you what every dream means. However, there are common themes tied to underlying feelings that the dreamer is experiencing. Next time you have one of these dreams, you’ll be better equipped to understand it all when you’re back from the land of nod.

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