Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

6 Weightlifting Accessories to Boost Your Workout’s Effectiveness

weightlifting Weightlifting Accessories- Lifting weights is one of the most popular and effectual ways of building muscle and power. While most lifting exercises require pretty simple equipment, there are some accessories that can help you stay safe and build muscle and strength quicker. Here some of the most important accessories to add to your workout routine.

1. Chalk/Lifting Grip-

Keeping your grip when lifting major amounts of weight is no easy feat. Lifting chalk makes it easier to grasp the bar without your fingers slipping. Many gyms provide their own, but if they don’t, you can buy some for fairly cheap, and basic sidewalk chalk is almost as effective as chalk specifically for weightlifting. Some gyms don’t allow either, but are more amenable to Liquid Grip, which is pricier but doesn’t leave any dust. This stuff can help you increase your max reps by letting you grab the bar with assurance.

2. Weightlifting Shoes-

Shoes that are made for walking or running aren’t necessarily the best shoes for lifting. While shoes with lifted heels are more comfortable, they shift your center of gravity in a way that can interfere with your lifting. Look for shoes with a minimal heel lift. These will help you perform the correct hinge pattern when deadlifting and improve your form on squats.

3. Weightlifting Belts-

Intra-abdominal pressure is important for deadlifts, squats, and a host of other lifts, and maintaining this pressure is a key element of lifting safely—it’s why proper breathing is so important for keeping your back healthy. A weightlifting belt can provide additional insurance against a back injury by keeping pressure on your abs…

4. Wrist Wraps-

Your joints are delicate, and even if you possess the strength to pull off massive presses or overhead lifts, your wrist joint might prevent you from going through with it—or worse, it could be the site of an injury that will keep you out of the gym for weeks. Wrist wraps support the wrist joint so you can take on more weight without risking injury to your wrist. They’ll also keep your wrist positioning neutral so you’re working the right muscles on these exercises.

5. Foam Roller-

Your muscles and soft tissues need time to recover from the stress of lifting, but you can help them get there faster by foam rolling. Using a foam roller smooths out your fascia, the tissues that connect your muscles together and stretch across them. Not only does using a foam roller before and/or after you lift help you avoid soreness, it improves joint mobility, freeing you up to pursue larger lifts.

6. Athletic Tape-

Exercise may be all about blood, sweat, and tears, but the first of those presents a problem at the gym. Athletic tape on your hands can prevent your calluses from tearing open and bleeding everywhere. It’s cheap and available everywhere.

Your gym bag has room in it for more than just your workout clothes. Put that excess space to use by bringing along some of these accessories the next time you hit the gym.