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What Counts as Cheating? – 10 Warning Signs That Your Partner Cheating on You

what counts as cheatingWhat counts as cheating? Is your partner cheating on you?

If you’ve started feeling like something isn’t quite right in your relationship, ask yourself if another person could be involved.

Most partners who cheat follow specific patterns of behavior. Take a look at these 10 warning signs that could mean they are cheating.

They  become more particular about their hygiene.

When people start a new relationship, they tend to look their best. If their trying to impress another person, they may start paying more attention to his/her hair and clothing. They might shower more often, either to be more attractive to his/her or to mask the scent of their behavior. They might also start a new hygiene habit like manscaping, getting manicures or using perfume/cologne.

Buying you gifts.

Sometimes people who cheat will start showering their partners with gifts because they feel guilty about what they are doing. If your partner typically isn’t a gift-giver but suddenly starts coming home with flowers, jewelry and/or gift in general, it could be a warning sign.


Talks about ending your relationship.

Does your partner talk about breaking up whenever you get into an argument or fight? When people suggest splitting up or threaten to leave, it’s often a sign that they’ve been thinking about it.

what counts as cheatingTaste in music or movies changes suddenly.

One way people in new relationships get close to each other is by sharing things that they enjoy. If your partner suddenly and inexplicably starts listening to a new kind of music or shows interest in a movie genre he never cared about before, they could be under the influence of someone new in his/her life.

Starts working longer hours or going out more.

If your partner is cheating, they will probably be looking for opportunities to be away from you. If their job requires more hours than it ever did before, or if they starts wanting to spend time with their friends and away from you, they might be hiding something.

The key is a change in their work or social habits that seems very sudden.

Accuses you of being jealous.

How does they react when you express concern about time spent at work or with their friends? What do they say when you ask questions about the new girl/boy at the office or when you want to look at their phone messages?

If they response is to get angry or immediately accuse you of being jealous, they could be cheating on you. Overly emotional reactions to your concerns can mean that he/she has a secret.

Sexual habits change.

Someone who is cheating may stop having interest in sex with you because their getting it somewhere else. Or he/she may become more interested in sex because their focusing on it. He/She may also begin to use new moves or a different attitude in bed.

If something about your sex life changes drastically or suddenly, it could be a sign that they’re cheating.

Hides  phone or starts showing it to you.

Pay attention if you have a partner who was once very casual with his/her phone but now seems to be obsessed with it. If he/she cheating, he’s/ she’s

almost certainly connecting to the other person with their phone. They may put a password or lock on it, begin always carrying it with him or keeping it out of your sight. They may stop answering phone calls or checking messages in front of you.

You should also be suspicious if they is continually showing you their phone messages or email when he’s/she’s never done that before. Cheating partners will often buy a second phone to use in their new relationships, so their partners don’t notice strange calls on the phone bill or see messages from someone they don’t know. They will want to make sure you know that there’s no evidence on his/her regular phone.

Accuses you of cheating.

Many cheaters believe that everyone is cheating and will often accuse their partners of the same behavior. If he’s been accusing you of cheating with absolutely no reason or evidence, consider it a sign that he’s doing something wrong.

Other people notice.

You may be the last person to realize that your partner is cheating on you, especially if you don’t want to believe that it’s true. People like your friends or his/her co-workers will probably catch on before you do. If someone brings it to your attention, consider the possibility that the information is valid.

People who cheat tend to exhibit specific behaviors, so it’s cause for concern when something changes about your partner’s habits or routines. Of course, none of these signs is proof that your partner is involved with someone else, but they are potential indicators that something is going on.

If you suspect your partner may be cheating on you, look for these 10 signs. It may be time to start asking questions or doing some detective work on your own.


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