Fri. Sep 21st, 2018
wake up tired

Waking Up Tired? 7 Habits To Kick-Start Your Morning

waking up tiredTired? These 7 Habits Will Kick-Start Your Morning

Getting out of bed sucks, but it’s necessary to accomplish just about everything humans need to do to survive.

If you’re groggy and sleepy in the morning or throughout your day, you’re not alone.

Here are some habits people have developed that have proven to be effective ways to shake off the morning fog and feel more alert as you begin your day.

1. Start Your Day with Some Natural Light

A lot of these tips are based on recreating the way that our ancestors woke up. They used the sun as an alarm clock, as these frequencies of light decrease our bodies’ levels of the hormone melatonin and give us a boost of energy. Having a window open in your room is a great way to get out of bed quick and start the day’s hunt (or commute).

2. Get Some Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins and wakes you up quickly. Especially if you have a job that’s mostly sitting, you’ll likely feel groggy until you get your heart pumping. Start with stretching. After that, some jumping jacks or jogging in place will do the trick, and you’ll feel better all day than if you gradually worked through morning creakiness.

3. Don’t Sleep in On Weekends

This is a tough one. For some people, the best part of the weekend is hitting the snooze button and staying in bed well past when they’d normally rise for work. But doing so messes with your body’s circadian rhythmic clock, making it tougher to wake up on Monday and throughout the week.

4. Make Your Bed

Many people don’t make their beds unless they’re having company, but doing so immediately after getting up is a great way of getting moving. Fundamentally, you’re telling your brain and body that sleep time is over, and this way you’ll be less tempted to crawl back in for a few minutes.

5. Use Cold Water in The Shower

A hot shower can be comforting in the morning, but as anyone who’s nearly fallen asleep on their feet can attest to, it doesn’t necessarily snap you into alertness. Switching temperature rapidly between cold and hot can get your blood flowing and wake you up quicker.

6. Chug Some Cold Water

Cold water works both in the shower and as a beverage. Instead of going directly to coffee, have a full glass of chilled or iced water. Your body gets dehydrated as you sleep, and the temperature will help shock you into full awareness.

7. Don’t Eat Right Before Bed

If you’re waiting till near bedtime to have dinner, you’re going to have trouble starting your day. For one thing, your body will spend the night digesting, and while that food coma feels deep, it’s actually less restful. Plus, waking up with a full stomach will make you feel sluggish.

You don’t have to be yawning until noon! Seize the day with these tips for waking up quickly and you’ll be more alert, productive, and focused in the early hours of the day.