Sat. Aug 18th, 2018
Vanderpump Rules Reunion 1

7 Things We Thought During the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2

Last night part two of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion aired and our emotions were all over the place. We laughed, we cried (not sad tears, more happy), and we cringed. The thing is, if you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules since the beginning, then you probably feel like us. These people are more than reality tv stars, they are pretty much family. So like family, we’ve stuck by as loyal fans through the ups and downs. The Vanderpump Rules Reunion gave us so many feels, that we made a list of our greatest emotions during Part 2.

1: Thank God Stassi is No Longer with Patrick 

Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Patrick is the living worst. Or at least that’s how he portrayed himself every time he was on camera. From not dressing up for his girlfriend’s party to commenting on Lisa Vanderpump’s behind, we’re happy to see him go.

2: Tom and Katie Made Our Hearts Burst with Love

Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Tom and Katie have been through so much together. Seeing her break down this season about her accident was hard, our heart was breaking for her. However seeing her and Tom share that moment in their apartment, and then recap about it at the reunion, our hearts are bursting with love.

3: Are Billie Lee and Jeremy Intimate?! What Does “Kicking It” Mean?! 

Vanderpump Rules Reunion

When Andy asked Billie if she still talked to Jeremy, she said “yeah, we kick it.” What does that mean?! Are they just friends? Has the romance died or blossomed? Do they hook up?

4: On a Scale of 1-10, How Mad is Schena That LaLa is Friends with Katie?

Vanderpump Rules Reunion

You know when girls put a certain tone on things? And then all the sudden they don’t need to tell you how they’re feeling, you just know? The way Scheana said “Best Friends” told us everything we needed to know about how she felt about Katie and Lala reconnecting.

5: Can We Please See the Head Shots They Used to Apply at Sur?

Jax Taylor

You may not have known this but in L.A to be a waitress/waiter/bartender (basically to work in the service industry) you need a head shot. I wonder if we can do some digging and find the original head shots they used to become servers at SUR. Lisa, we’re looking at you!

6: When Will Tom Tom Open?!

Tom Tom

We basically got to this from the ground up on this season of Vanderpump Rules. Now we’re just ready for it to open. We’re really rooting for these two. The Tom’s will always have a space in our hearts.

7: How Long Do We Have to Wait for the Next Season?! 

Vanderpump Rules Reunion 1


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