Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

#TruStory: My boss and I…

This week’s edition is all about AWKWARD moments with your boss. We picked 3 of our favorite stories from the TruGlam Fam and here they are:

Toilet Encounters –

I work in a small office so everyone knows everyone. The bathroom in our office has two stalls but they’re both handicap accessible so pretty spacious. The office is also open workspace so I usually wear my headphones at all times to block out the noise.

Well I’m rocking out to my music and decide to keep on rocking right into the bathroom. I admit I wasn’t paying attention and I couldn’t hear anything over my music. I walk into the first stall, close the door behind me, look up and MY BOSS IS FRICKEN SITTING ON THE TOILET. I screamed, she screamed, and I ran out.

We haven’t talked about it. But we both know she was going #2. Do I have to quit now!

Blackout Boss –

My team regularly goes out for happy hour together. It’s usually 1 or 2 beers after work and every now and ten, we spin it into something more. Our boss is kind of a scary dude, he usually leaves first and I’ve never been super drunk in front of him.

One day we had a great day at work as a team. He comes to us and announces, “We’re going out, we’re celebrating, drinks on me.” Naturally everyone is excited because FREE DRINKS.

The night started as they usually do but somewhere between those first couple of drinks and the end of the night, people got wasted. I think I browned out a bit because I definitely don’t remember getting on the bar to dance but somehow, there I was. I look over to my left and my boss is also on the bar. Except he doesn’t have a shirt on. He had moves like I’ve never seen, potentially a stripper in a past life.

It’s been two months now. Our boss has yet to schedule a team happy hour.

We Met on Tinder –

I’m 25 years old and I just relocated to NYC. I had wanted to move for a couple years and finally got a job that I was excited about. I moved a week before I started work to settle and have some fun so naturally I made a Tinder to meet people.

I swiped through about 1000 people and started chatting with this one guy. We decided to meet for drinks and things were going really well. At some point, we both went from tipsy to drunk and he ended up coming home with me. He spent the night and in the morning, we parted ways.

The following Monday I went to work and was shown to my desk. I had about 30 minutes to get settled in before a team meeting where I’d meet all my co-workers and my new boss. I think you can assume what happened but…

My one-night Tinder stand, was totally my new boss. This happened about 2 weeks ago. I promise things are awkward.