Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
drip dying

New Viral Hair Trend: Drip Dying

Dripp Dying Remember when we talked about ghosting your hair? Well now there’s a new fad in town and it’s called DRIP DYING. So what is drip drying? We’ll break it down.

Drip dying is a new way of dying your hair, made popular by a Denver, Colorado colorist named Taylor Rae. In order to properly do this, you first will section the hair into top and bottom.

Next, choose the colors you want (there appears to be no limit on the amount of colors you can choose!).

Then you’ll dilute the color with water so they can properly drip and add ColorTrak Cling Free Film between sections of hair to prevent muddying when colors are dripped.Rae came up with the process because she had been wondering what it would be like to drip a bunch of colors over someone’s head.

Originally she started with a mannequin but later got her first human test subject and the results were amazing
Drip Dying
Rae told Allure magazine “When it comes to dripping, the trick is to make sure to use colors that complement each other in each section to avoid creating an unwanted muddy color.” She goes on to say, “What I didn’t show in the video that I uploaded is that after dripping the hair color onto each section, I ran a wide-tooth comb through to spread the color and ensure full, dimensional saturation, which is why I think it came out looking as solid as it does.”Have we peeked your curiosity yet?

Check more of it on Rae’s Instagram (taylorrae_hair).

Thinking of trying it yourself? Send us pictures!