Sun. Aug 19th, 2018

Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

Surprising Ways to Lose Weight: Everyone seems to have a foolproof diet plan to lose weight. The real answer, of course, is there’s no short-term solution. Calories in, calories out: you need to use more than you consume. That’s it. That’s the secret, although the multibillion-dollar weight loss industry would have you believe otherwise. Crash dieting usually results in putting the weight on again, and then some. However, there are some ways to lose weight that you may not have considered yet.

Weight Lifting

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a bodybuilder or building muscle, weightlifting is one of the best exercises out there. Free weights, in particular, are helpful in building stability and coordination. The real benefit to weightlifting is that it keeps working after you’re finished with your workout. There aren’t many exercises that can make that claim.


Eating more protein than anything else can help in your weight loss goals. For the most part, it doesn’t really matter what you eat because it’s about calories, but the protein can help you build muscle. Remember that muscle also weighs more than fat, so don’t be discouraged if you gain a little before you start to lose a lot.


Swimming is a full-body workout and it’s easy on the joints. Many people who have experienced injuries or have arthritis or other problems that limit their range of motion will find themselves revived after swimming. If you think you’ve lost your ability to exercise, swimming is one of the best discoveries in the world.

There is no magic wand or secret for long-term weight loss, and keeping the weight off is the most important consideration. Your health should be the focus of any workout regime, not how fast you can lose the pounds. If you stick to the calories in, calories out method long known by everyone to be the only real answer to weight loss, you’ll find that you achieve lasting results and your body will thank you.