Sat. Aug 18th, 2018
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5 Ways To Stop Overeating

overeating Overeating a contributor to weight gain. If you’re trying to lose weight, but haven’t considered your eating habits, it’s an important step to take. Here are five ways you can stop overeating.

Stop bringing junk food into your home

One easy way to eat less is to bring less junk food into your home. Junk food is addictive so it’s difficult to have self-control with them around. If you want to stop overeating, but enjoy a treat now and then, only buy single-serving sized treats when you want one instead of stocking them at home. This will save you more calories than you can imagine in a week. These items might include sodas, chips, candy, ice cream, french fries and other frozen meals.

Learn how to portion

If you don’t know how to portion, you are probably overeating without realizing it. Do you find yourself going for second, thirds, and maybe even fourths during meals? If you are, you’re overeating. Once you realize the correct portions, you may feel deprived or even hungry at first. Eating too much causes the stomach to grow, which leads to needing more food to feel satisfied. When you begin eating proper portions, your stomach will go back to its normal size and you’ll require less food to feel satisfied. This will lead to consuming less calories and weight loss.

Eat meals and snacks at regular times

If you have a problem with overeating and oversnacking throughout the day, setting regular times to eat will help you. If you find yourself snacking when you’re bored, watching tv, or simply because you’re tempted by the food you have, you are overeating. No matter how healthy a snack is, you can eat too much of it. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time so you know what you’ll be eating and when.

Drink more water

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to help you to stop overeating. Before each meal and snack make it a habit to drink a glass or two of water. This will fill you up a little allowing you to eat fewer calories. Make sure that water is your number one beverage of choice so you don’t end up drinking extra calories. Many times you feel hungry, you may actually be thirsty, so always start by drinking a glass of water.

Eat slowly and chew well

It takes a good bit of time before your body registers that you’re feeling satiated, so you want to eat slowly and chew well. When you gobble your food down in five minutes, you will still feel hungry and go for seconds. It’s a bad idea to multitask when you’re eating because you’ll eat faster than you should. When you’re having a meal, focus on eating. Eating too fast may also cause gas and digestion problems as well so slowly down has its benefits.

Overeating not only contributes to weight gain, but also an emptier wallet. By having better control over your eating habits, you will improve the overall quality of your life.

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