Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
joy and happiness

How to Stop Chasing Happiness and Become a Joy Magnet

Stop Chasing Happiness and Become a Joy Magnet. The desire to be happy is normal. Running after joy at full speed, though, could make you miserable. Anything you chase runs faster, whether it’s a dog or an emotion; this is a natural law.

If you want happiness to come to you, instead of the other way around, you need to attract joy.

How to match the vibration of happiness

To become a joy magnet, you need to operate on the same frequency as happiness. Look at your thoughts and behavior. Examine whether they match the vibration of joy. Does what you do, say, and think draw good cheer your way? Or, are you repelling what you want?

Consider what a jovial person would discuss, how they would act, and what thoughts they would entertain. The idea is simple, yet, it works.

You don’t have to go around grinning when you are blue. Doing so would feel wrong. However, milling about with a long face and saying life is awful will repel joy. To be magnetic, you need to act as if what you want is already yours, but believably.

Act as if you are happy

Your emotions influence your physiology. Thus, if you slouch and cast your eyes downward all the time, you’re going to feel unhappy. Your body language talks to your brain. Adopt the stance, gestures, and voice tone of happy people. Your system will then create feel-good chemicals to match.

Start by standing tall and walking with a slight spring in your step. Hold your head high and smile. Simply not moving like an unhappy person will change your mood.

Next, think about how happy and unhappy people speak. Angry and stressed people often speak quickly in a high pitch. Depressed people might talk slowly and not put much energy in their voice.

Happy folks, when not overexcited, project their voices, without shouting, and speak enthusiastically. Their happiness shows in their eyes and discourse.

To be a joy magnet, you also need to consider your thoughts and change them if they attract misery. Worrying, or thinking about dissatisfaction will not bring you happiness. Focus on gratitude. Count your blessings. When dark thoughts arise, override them. Reflect on the positive side of the situation you are encountering.

Your actions bring you joy or misery. If what you do at present isn’t drawing joy to you, it’s time to adjust your behavior. Happy people have social connections; they feel part of a community. They speak with friends every day, even if they don’t see them face-to-face.

Additionally, they don’t live on junk food or remain inactive too long. They respect themselves and take care of their needs. Are you behaving like a happy person?

Begin now, and your level of joy will change.

Chasing happiness will make you tired, but not happy. Stop running after joy and let it find you. Attract what you want by thinking, acting, and talking as if you’ve already achieved your aim.