Fri. Sep 21st, 2018
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Spitting Caves – Oahu, Hawai

SPITTING CAVES HAWAIIYou may have heard of this place or you may not have. We won’t lie, this spot is less hidden than some of the other vacation spots we’ve visited but it’s an awesome spot so we thought we’d give you the inside scoop.

This extraordinary spot is located on the southeast coast of Oahu, Hawaii in the neighborhood of Portlock. Although it’s famous for it’s cliff jumping, you don’t need to get in on the action to enjoy this place. It’s about a 0.2 mile loop that you can hike, walk, or fish. You can even bring your dog!

A small inlet feeds into a cave in the cliffs and as the pressure builds inside the cave, water bursts. The rougher the ocean water, the more intense the blasts of water are. Due to surf erosion, the cliffs have multiple slick rock layers. Cliff jumping is not recommended, although you’ll almost always see some dare devils going for it. There should be a guy at the bottom giving you a signal when you can jump; he’s waiting for a gap so that the jumper won’t get pushed into the cave.

The cliffs drop down about 70 feet into the water allowing people to do some pretty crazy stuff. On that note, we must warn that it can be dangerous. If you notice memorial plaques mounted on rocks, it’s because people have died at this location.

Another fun fact is this spot has been used for filming TV shows like Lost, The Event, and Off the Map.

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