Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

Is This Season of Southern Charm All About Breakups

Bravo blessed us with another season of Southern Charm and we’re ecstatic. After watching the first episode last night, we’re left with one question; is this season of Southern Charm all about breakups?

First let’s start with what we knew beforehand.

Thomas and Kathryn

They were not together last season, so this wasn’t a new breakup to learn about but we did get to meet Thomas’s new fling, Ashley. So obviously, we’ve only got the first episode and preview glimpse of Ashley but it feels like she’s coming in a little hot. By a little hot, we mean like WAY OVER THE TOP, TOO HOT!

Calling Kathryn an egg donor? Girl, bye! We’ve all seen Kathryn get crazy but to be honest, we’ve always been a fan. Kathryn is the girl that often makes us go like:

But we’re also totally obsessed with her. Can’t really think of a time we weren’t rooting for her. Yes, she’s gotten a little crazy in the past but she tells it like it is. Think about all the times she’s had a hunch about something and been right?! She has dealt with so much and it feels like she’s in a good spot right now. So let’s leave that at that and move onto the next breakup (which we already knew about too..) … Continue Reading >>>>