Fri. Jan 18th, 2019

Sit Down with Sheen! Winter Break: Hunter Mountain

Winter Break: Hunter Mountain premiered last night on MTV and we’re f*cking STOKED! Before the season started, we had to get an insiders perspective on what to expect so we went straight to the source to sit down with Sheen.

Alex “Sheen” Shinder, age 29, from Hoboken, NJ got on the phone with us and broke it down. Of course we had to ask a few questions about him too. So here’s what we know:

Where does the name “Sheen” come from?

He told us it started down at the Jersey Shore with his buddies and they stayed out all night, partying and getting wild. The next day Sheen walks downstairs in the morning; crooked sunglasses, cigarette in ear, looking at all his friends drinking Pedialyte, and says, “Why aren’t we playing beer pong?”

His friends looked at him and said “You are Charlie Sheen,” and so he’s been Sheen ever since.

What is your dating status?

“I live in party central. I am definitely single.”

Who is your celebrity crush?

“I actually have two. One is more for the fame, Taylor Swift, because I know we’d date and then break up and she would write a song about me and I would love to have a song about me. The second, the more real one if I want to settle down, is Cara Delevingne. She’s great.”

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage?              

“Jack Daniels. Whiskey in general but specifically Jack Daniels. I have a Jack Daniels No 27 tattoo and a “Whiskey” tattoo”

Favorite Sports Team?

“Green Bay Packers. Been a diehard fan since 1995”

How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

“Oh man, I lost count. Around 12-13? They all blend together. I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. I love them.”

What can be expected from Winter Break: Hunter Mountain? Should we expect a Floribama Shore and/or Jersey Shore vibe?

Those shows have a warm weather mentality. I’d describe this as Rom-Com meets the XGames. Be ready to expect some things.

Anyone you instantly bonded with?

“Marc, because he reminded me of a younger me and Jillian, she’s from Jersey, she’s the female version of me so I connected really quickly with those guys.”

Where will you be watching the premiere?

“I’ll be watching in Jersey City. My buddy has a mini movie theater he rented out, we are going to eat, drink, and enjoy.”

We tuned in last to watch the first episode unfold and it’s safe to say we’re even more excited. We might be bias because we got to talk to him, but Sheen is our favorite so far. His party mentality, laid-back style, and Jersey attitude make him the complete package. Tune in every Tuesday to see what unfolds on Winter Break: Hunter Mountain.