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What to Wear on Your Second Date

Okay, so you’re fixed in for the second date. You go, girl! Your fabulous look at the first one set up quite an impression. It’s time to roll your sleeves and prep up for the next.

While the first date was all about creating an impression and formal dialogues, for the second one you need to take it a bit easy. It is meant to allow you to reveal the real you. You try to get past the dignified intros and make bonds.

First dates may sometimes turn out to be a disaster. To be honest, it is the second ones that count the most. You are not anxious anymore, you know the person, and there are high chances the relationship could go down the long road.

So, dress in a way that shows your true personality.

Here are a handful of ideas that could help you dress flawlessly for your second date:

The Fancy Dine-In

Your date reserved a table at a fancy restaurant, and now you are nervous as heck. Stop right there!

Think through your options. Pick a dress that’s easier to carry and gives you the look of elegance, too. If you are a messy eater, go for darker colors. The food spills will not be so visible on them. We’d suggest you pick a dress that is tight at the top and flared at the bottom, allowing you room to breathe and feel relieved.

Sitting by the Park

In case you are going to meet outdoors or close to nature, you can go for an outfit that makes you feel free. A jumpsuit is your absolute solution. Available in the variety of being slouchy, fitted or flared; you can choose the one that goes with your location. A tailored yet comfortable jumpsuit tends to make you feel cozy at your date. Opt for the flared-style jumpsuit if you are meeting at the park. Or, a fitted one with 70’s style bottoms can also work awesome. It will give an outlook of great shape and also make it easy for you to move around.

The Day Dates

A day date could include anything. It could be a brunch at some café or coffee and an easy stroll through the streets. Be it at some art gallery, a museum or just a quick grab at the new bar. You need something that is comfortable and looks terrific, as well.

Pick out a nice pair of blue/black jeans, a plain shirt of your choice with a sexy leather jacket. A lighter denim jacket could also be your choice. Settle on the items that compliment your body type and bring out those bits you like the most. These will be the basics but ideal for the day date.

The Spring Outfit

If it is spring, go for something flowery and cool. Whether it is day or night, you can wear a flowery midi-skirt with an off-the-shoulder top. Sleeveless, floral dresses with embroidery shall also set the mood of spring dates. If the flairs are not in your comfort zone, some culottes and ankle gladiators shall settle it out.

Beach Time!

Your second date? On the beach? That’s terrific!

There is no need for sifting through fancy dresses; just loungewear would do. All you have to be sure of is, it should be comfortable. It could range from the skorts with jackets to waterfall kimonos and gladiator sandals or an off the shoulder beach dress with floppy hat. You may take a swim so put on a bikini or swimsuit underneath, just in case.

Clubbing All Night

When the idea is to dance and party all night, choose an outfit that brings out your edgy style. It does not always have to be something baggy. It could be a skater dress or a playsuit that could ease dancing.

Opt for the colors and designs that contrast your taste. You can go for the long, flowery coats paired up with chic jeans. If you want to throw vibes of a sexy lady, a midi dress with a side slit will give you all the limelight you need.

It could be bright and edgy, anything that allows you to take the groove.

Movies at Home

If the idea is to watch movies and he is cooking dinner, you want something that is casual but flirty. Go for the skirt paired with an elegant blouse or the basic blouse with metallic shorts. Frills are not suited for the casual dinner at home.

Make sure you do not overdo the accessories. The point is to feel relieved, be less conscious and bring out your true colors. There is no point in straining yourself with unneeded ornaments. Keep it simple.

As we wrap it up, the point to be noted is, wear what makes you feel confident. Find out an ensemble that matches your date location and makes you feel at comfort in your skin.

Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Now is rightfully the time to formulate that chemistry. You are going out with that person because there is some genuine interest from both sides. There is no point to play fancy dress-ups. You have to be careful of how you dress up, but that should not be the end of it. It will work out well if it is meant to be.

Keep a bright, wide smile on your face and make sure carrying your outfit is not a hassle.

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