Sat. Aug 18th, 2018
coconut oil

8 Top Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

reasons to use coconut oilCoconut oil is one of those miraculous natural substances that has applications for nearly everything. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should be using this extraordinary oil on a daily basis.

1. It’s Good for Your Hair

The small, medium-chain fatty acids that make up coconut oil deeply penetrate your hair and scalp. You can use it to deeply condition your hair to moisturize it, neutralize split ends, and give it a healthy glow, or to get rid of dandruff or tangles. It can also be used as an all-natural base for hair coloring that won’t damage your hair permanently, and it’s even been shown to help your hair grow faster.

2. It Can Reduce Seizures-

Coconut oil’s fatty acids are converted into ketones in the liver, making them useful for the ketogenic diet. They can thus be used to reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy.

3. It’s Good for Your Skin

The moisturizing powers of coconut oil work just as well for skin as hair. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities are useful for keeping your skin clear, and it’s been shown to be a good treatment for atopic dermatitis. Its natural antioxidant qualities are also great for your skin, and it can be used as a lubricant for shaving your legs, or as a solvent to remove tricky eye makeup.

4. It’s Historically Healthy

Groups of people that have coconut-heavy diets, like the Tokelauans of the South Pacific, have been shown to be healthier than Westerners who rarely consume the exotic stone fruit. In particular, these populations have shockingly low rates of heart disease.

5. It’s A Great Cooking Fat

Finding a healthy oil to cook with is a struggle, but coconut oil can do the trick in many common dishes, including eggs and stir-fry. It doesn’t disintegrate under high heat as easily as other oils, and can also be an ingredient in baked goods.

6. It Speeds Up Weight Loss

MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are healthy fatty acids that comprise a big part of coconut oil’s chemical makeup, and one of the exciting effects of these fats is their effect on metabolism. MCTs trigger your body’s fat burning mode, increasing the number of calories you burn when you eat them. Paired with exercise, they can help you slim down faster.

7. It Can Help You Sleep

Coconut oil is one of many healthy fats that can help your brain settle quickly into REM sleep, especially if you take it daily. The MCTs are important building blocks for the hormones that tell you when it’s time to sleep.

8. It Can Whiten Your Teeth

Coconut oil pulling, or gandusha as it’s known in the ancient Indian system of medicine it originates from, is an oral detox procedure. You simply swish a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. This not only treats tooth decay, halitosis, and bleeding gums, it can actually give you a brighter smile.

Coconut oil is like WD-40 for your body: it’s useful for nearly everything. Buy some today and let the healing begin!