Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
Muscle cramps running

4 Ways to Prevent Muscle Cramps When Exercising

Muscle cramps hurt and stop your workout instantly. The cause varies, but can be because the body is dehydrated, the muscle is over-activated or contracted too hard or due to inadequate stretching before exercise. Cramping occurs while you work out or hours afterward. It sneaks up on you without warning. There are a number of ways to stop cramping.


water_cramps1. Hydration is the number one method to avoid muscle cramps. If you just drink copious amounts of water, it passes through the body with little absorption, bypassing the cells. Magnesium is important because it is a water-hungry molecule that pulls water into the cell. To get quality magnesium, place a crystal of Celtic or Himalayan salt on the tongue before drinking a glass of water.

Magnesium is absorbed by the mucous membrane and transported to the cell via blood. Adding the crystal two or three times a day is sufficient. Sodium is a vital mineral for life and is the main transport for glucose, which feeds muscles. Celtic and Himalayan salt has magnesium and sodium in a form found in nature.

They contain up to eighty-four natural minerals. Table salt contains two minerals – sodium and chloride and may have chemical additives added to it to aid flow and prevent clumping.

Avoid processed foods claiming to have added vitamins.

2. Studies suggest a lack of zinc and vitamins B, D and E can be a cause of muscle cramps. You can use quality supplements or better yet, eat fresh foods rich in those vitamins. An internet search will provide you with plenty of options. Avoid processed foods claiming to have added vitamins.

Warm up and cool down

3. Warm up and cool down. You have to allow time in your workouts for this. A sudden exertion of cool muscles causes them to contract hard. Stretches elongate the muscle fibers gently. A warm down encourages the muscles to relax.

warm up_cramps

Avoid fatigue

4. Avoid fatigue. Overexertion or training on already fatigued muscles can cause the neuromuscular system to become unstable. Ensure you don’t overdo your workout and get plenty of rest before exercising the same muscle groups.

Cramps are not new and the most careful can be affected. Sufficient preparation and dietary care may eliminate them from your exercise routine. Learn from mistakes and if cramping occurs, identify the cause and remedy it.