Fri. Jun 22nd, 2018



Do You Really Know Melania Trump?

Do you really know Melania Trump? Today the First Lady is trending across all platforms after she visited the Texas border in wake of the...

The Best Of Selfies on National Selfie Day

It's National Selfie Day so we had to bring you "The Best of Selfies", duh! We complied cute selfies, funny selfies, and downright weird selfies....

Everything You Never Knew About Quinoa

Ah, Quinoa; the flowering plant in the amaranth family. Did you know it is a herbaceous annual plant grown as a grain crop primarily for...


Health and Fitness

What Eight Cups of Water per Day Can Do For You

You've all heard you should drink eight cups of water each day, but most people don't know why. Water can do some amazing things for your body and even help you lose weight. Understanding the value of water and what it can do may change your...