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7 Natural Remedies For Dry Cracked Feet

dry feet

Natural Remedies Dry Cracked Feet: Our feet are the vehicles that move us through life, but too often we take them for granted and treat them poorly.

Since feet are rarely visible to other people, maintaining foot hygiene isn’t a priority for many time-pressed people, and as a result, they often end up with feet whose skin is in poor shape.

If you’re suffering from dry or cracked feet, it can be painful, annoying, and an obstacle to healthy mobility. Give your feet can get the love they deserve! Try these natural solutions for dry and cracked feet today.

1. Mentholated Rub

If cracked or dry skin has left your feet feeling painfully hot, this can be a refreshing way to treat the problem – and it helps heal toenail fungus, to boot. Before going to bed, clean and dry your feet, then apply some mentholated rub to the soles. Put on socks to seal in the moisture and head to bed.

The next morning, wash your feet in warm water. Within a few days, some of your rough skin should be peeling off.

2. Coconut Oil

This natural cure-all works wonders on dry and cracked skin, especially on your feet. And since this area of the body is a breeding ground for fungi and germs, the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of coconut oil come in handy. Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes, then dry them and apply a liberal coating of coconut oil. Sleep in a pair of clean cotton socks and wash your feet the next morning. Repeat as needed.

3. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt promotes circulation to help your feet heal faster, and is great for repairing the damage to your skin. Add half a cup to a warm tub of water, soak for 10 minutes, then rub your feet with a pumice stone. Return them to the salt bath for another 10 minutes to let the salt do its work. Epsom salt’s magnesium soaks into the feet and draws out toxins. Afterward, dry your feet thoroughly and apply a moisturizer. Doing this for two or three days should yield great results.

4. Baking Soda

Soaking your feet in water and baking soda before bed leaves your excess dead skin pliable and easy to scrub off. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 4 liters of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes; it’s relaxing and a great time to do some reading. Once the 20 minutes is up, you can use a pumice stone or a rough sponge to gently rub at your cracked or dry skin. This works best if you finish with a layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil to restore moisture.

5. Milk

Milk is filled with lactic acid and vitamin A, both of which are useful for dry and cracked skin. These nutrients help dead skin shed off and support the growth of new layers of healthy skin. Mix one cup of milk (it can be skim, 2%, or whole, but not soy or almond) with six cups of warm water. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes and pat them dry afterward.

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