Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

MTV Siesta Key: Canvas and Paige

MTV Siesta Key: Canvas and Paige: Was anyone else as shocked as we were to see Canvas and Paige get intimate on Siesta Key? We were!

We’re totally all for this romance, we just never saw it coming. I mean, for starters Paige’s sister Madisson pretty much hates Canvas and we were pretty sure Paige did too. We were so wrong.

If you haven’t seen, it all started when Canvas told Paige’s sister Madisson, that her boyfriend Brandon had cheated on her while Madisson was in NYC.

Madisson, who never got along with Canvas (oh, because Canvas previously tried to seduce Brandon) was shocked to hear the news and wanted to believe Canvas was lying, except she wasn’t.

Canvas wanted to meet up with Paige in hopes of explaining, she didn’t tell Madisson about Brandon to be malicious but rather because she felt she deserved to know.

Paige agrees to grab drinks with Canvas and hear her out, without Maddison’s permission (Like, she actually didn’t tell Madisson she was going at all). It starts casual, normal even; two girls hashing things out while throwing back numerous shots but then something changes.

About halfway through the scene of them getting drinks, you start to feel that something is going to happen; and then it does. While walking out to the parking lot, Canvas grabs Paige’s hand and slowly pulls her in for a kiss and Paige accepts.

Fast forward to the next episode, Canvas and Paige talk about the kiss. Paige tells Canvas she doesn’t regret it but also, she’s never been with a girl and she has yet to tell her sister they hung out.

Paige ends up telling Madisson and unfortunately, it doesn’t go well. Surprisingly though, this doesn’t seem to phase Paige. We’re not really sure where this relationship will go but in the words of Paige, “We’ll learn together.”