Fri. Nov 16th, 2018
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Low-Calorie Starbucks’ Drinks that Fit Your Calorie Budget

Low Calorie Starbucks’ Drinks that Fit Your Calorie Budget. With a Starbucks on virtually every street corner tempting you with its deliciously caffeinated beverages, it’s next to impossible to say no. But when Starbucks’ drinks beckon, it doesn’t always have to mean a splurge. There are plenty of Starbucks’ drinks that fit your calorie budget; it’s all about how you order, and knowing which drinks are best to choose.

Already Low-Calorie

Some Starbucks’ drinks are inherently low-calorie. For example, tea is a perfect choice. A basic black or green Teavana tall beverage is a mere 30 calories. You can enjoy it hot or cold. Tea made with hot water and a sachet of tea is a lower-calorie choice than bottled tea, which usually has excessive amounts of sugar. And with tea, there are added health benefits as well.

Another naturally low-calorie drink at Starbucks is freshly brewed black coffee. From their blonde roast to their dark roast, a 16-oz grande only nets 5 calories. Drinking your coffee black allows you to savor the praised Starbucks beans that started it all, without having to cash in too many calories.

If you need a bit more rev in your engine than what tea or basic coffee can provide, espresso is a low-calorie option at Starbucks as well. Simple, classic, and to the point, a well-made espresso gets the job done without breaking your calorie budget… Continue Reading >>>>