Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
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Lady Gaga is Breathtaking in New Movie with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga is breathtaking in her new movie with Bradley Cooper. The trailer for the new movie “A Star is Born” was released and we’re screaming for more reasons than one. To start, the movie is directed by Bradley Cooper and he’s the leading male role. Who wouldn’t be excited to watch that man on screen? Oh – and he’s singing during it!?

Bradley Cooper plays a country singer-songwriter struggling with addiction. It appears things were heading downhill for him until he meets a struggling artist, played by Lady Gaga herself.

lady gaga moviesOkay, so that’s the second thing we’re screaming about. Lady Gaga is the lead female role in this movie and she is absolutely stunning! It appears that she has a very natural look throughout the movie, wearing little make up and a fresh face. She shows off her natural beauty and it’s breathtaking! It also appears that her character in the movie is criticized for her looks. In the trailer she says, “Almost every single person has told me they liked the way I sounded but they didn’t like the way I look.”

Well we love the way you look, Gaga!

On top of that, Dave Chappelle is starring in this movie and who doesn’t love Dave Chappelle? It looks like he plays a close childhood friend to Cooper.

Lastly, all the music was recorded live! Lady Gaga wrote a decent amount of the music alongside Cooper and other collaborators. If we haven’t sold you yet, watch the trailer yourself. Click here.

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