Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
kam williams MTV

How Kam Stole Our Hearts and Became a Favorite

If you’re a fan of MTV’s The Challenge, then you probably felt some type of way when they started introducing cast from different shows. The Challenge started back in 2002 with Battle of the Seasons but previously had been around longer with the title “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” During those years, it was a competition between people who had been on the Real World vs people who had been on Road Rules. Get it? Now let’s move on.

Just as of 2016, they started to allow people from different TV shows on the Challenge, and they started with “Are You The One?”. When this first started happening, it felt so wrong. We were like, “NO, REAL WORLD ONLY!” But as time goes on, you start to grow a connection to these new cast, from different TV shows, and you open your heart to the possibility.

This season on The Challenge: Vendettas, we get to know Kam a lot better. First off, she’s been killing it in both her physical game and her social game. Yes, yes, she’s been voted into elimination a few times, but tell me a rookie who hasn’t? I’ll wait…

But what’s the difference between Kam and these other rookies? Kam comes back, Kam wins. Also, BOTH times Kam has gone into elimination, she has had to go against mercenaries (aka CHAMPIONS from seasons past) and both times she came out victorious.

On top of her outstanding performance in physical competitions, Kam is a the REAL ass bitch we’ve all been waiting for. She stands up for herself when confronted, stands up for her people and her alliance, and even when she doesn’t particularly care for someone, she always keeps it real. Take for example when everyone was trying to come for Kayleigh. Kam wasn’t necessarily her friend but it didn’t stop her from standing up for Kayleigh and not allowing a group to attack one person.

Needless to say, we’re happy she dominated in the elimination vs veteran player Ashley. We’re not ready for her to leave yet. She’s won our hearts and is definitely one of our new MVPs.