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Get to know JILLIAN from MTV’s Winter Break Hunter Mountain.

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Winter Break: Hunter Mountain is JUST GETTING STARTED! If you’ve seen the first episode, don’t tell us you’re not hooked. There’s no point in lying.

Take note starting MARCH 16TH the show will air Friday’s at 8PM. What better way to start your pregame?

We know there’s only been one episode so far but we already feel like we know these guys, and we definitely want to party with them. We wanted the inside scoop so why not turn to party-loving, Jersey girl, Jillian! I mean, she likes tequila, traveling, and electric dance music, how can you not be a fan of her?!

Read the full interview below:

How old are you? 

“I’m 29 years old”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Manalapan, NJ.. I can spell it for you, haha!” (Thank you for that, Jillian!)

Dating status? 

“I am super single.”

Favorite alcoholic beverage? 

“Tequila with Ice Tea.”

One make-up product you can’t live without? 

“Oh man! Umm..bronzer!”

Favorite place you’ve traveled too?

“That’s a good one. My favorite was Israel. I’m actually going to Thailand in 2 weeks too!”

Favorite musical artist/song right now?

“I really like Electric Dance Music and going to shows. Favorite artist right now, I’d say Above and Beyond.”

We’re starting to see the connection between you and TJ, were you attracted to him from the start?

“Umm.. I’d say I was attracted to him from the start. I like the bad boy type. Plus he has super blue eyes. And I thought it was cute that his mom came through on the first day. You know it’s always attractive when a guy treats his mom right.”

We saw you break your arm in episode 2, what were those immediate feelings after the incident? 

“My first thoughts were ‘F*ck my life’ like this would only happen to me. Seriously I always get myself in these situations, like it was the third day of filming. But I wasn’t going to let it ruin my time. I told myself like this sucks but I’m still going to enjoy myself, party, and rage.”

What made you apply to be on Winter Break: Hunter Mountain? 

“I love new experiences and meeting new people. I’m an open book and I love to put myself out there. I also like snowboarding, partying, good times, and winter houses so this was really the full package.”

If you could describe the season using 1-3 words, what would those words be? 

“Ridiculous. Dramatic. Unforgettable”

Can’t get enough of Jillian? We get it. Lucky for us and YOU, she has blog where she’ll be recapping each week, and talking about life and her travels. Check it out:

Take it one step further and follow her on social media too!

Instagram: @jilly_ashley

Twitter: @jilly_ashley


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