Fri. Jun 22nd, 2018

J.Law Speaks on Politics in America

Jennifer Lawrence is using her voice to speak on politics in America. Back in February, on 60 Minutes Overtime, J.Law stood in front of a group of students and gave her opinion on politics in America.

jennifer-lawrence_democrat She never tells us what political party she plays for. Is she a Democrat? Is she a Republican?  J.Law grew up in a politically divided house and so she starts by saying, “Politics aren’t like sports. There’s no need to have team loyalty. I’m not here to tell you how to vote.” 

So why is she here? She goes on to say, “I’m here because as corny as it sounds I love my country and I want to protect it.”

Jennifer Lawrence says the problem with America is corruption. We have a broken political system and the things that are broken include healthcare, public education, and the environment. All three things mentioned effect the entire United States, yet the average American has very little say.

One thing that she explained, that even surprised us was that in order to have a seat in the Senate, you need to fundraise an average of $14,000 a day for 6 years. And guess what? If you get reelected, the process continues over again. This pans out so that politicians are spending almost 70% of their time fundraising and their speaking to the average American. They’re speaking to the billionaires. The billionaires can afford to give more money but what’s the problem with this?

Lawrence explains to the students, “When you give something, you want something in return, which is why corporations and wealthy special interest groups give politicians billions, and billions, and billions of dollars in return for benefits, and tax cuts, and laws that benefit them and aren’t necessarily good for the rest of us.”

Honestly, it kind of felt like she was breaking it down in the simplest of terms for everyone to understand. The message was clear and well delivered. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s a mega-movie star and who wouldn’t want to listen to her speak!?

 She ends with, “American can do better than this and America must do better than this.”

To J.Law we say, thank you for using your fame and your voice to deliver this message. What do you guys think? Watch the speech here: