Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
should you go on second date

Should You Go On A Second Date?

second dateShould a second date be an option? First dates don’t always go as smoothly as people hope they will. There might be a hitch or two during or after the outing that makes you wonder if you should attempt a second.

This article outlines five possible situations that may arise and what you should do.

They arrive late

If your date arrived late, a second try depends on a couple of things. Did your partner let you know they were going to be late?

If so, this is a sign of respect and courtesy. If they were apologetic, it’s likely that the delay was unintentional.

It’s important to remember that things sometimes happen that causes someone to be late. A person who is considerate enough to keep you so apprised deserves a second date.

On the other hand, someone who doesn’t seem to think punctuality is essential will probably keep you waiting in the future. Anyone who doesn’t inform you about or apologize for their lateness is not worthy of a second chance.

They spend the entire date on their phone

Unless your date has informed you they are expecting an urgent business call or an update on their grandmother who is in the hospital, spending the entire time staring at their phone probably won’t earn a second date.

When someone is always distracted by their phone, they aren’t giving you their undivided attention. If you can’t get someone’s attention on the first date, it’s unlikely to happen in future outings.

They are quiet and nervous

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Don’t be too hard on someone for being shy, quiet, or nervous. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you.

It may just take them more time to warm up and feel more comfortable. In this case, a second date is a good idea.

You will both be more relaxed and able to enjoy the time spent together.

second dateThey call and text excessively after the first date

It’s nice when someone lets you know they enjoyed your date, but if they text too much and appear to be clingy or controlling of your time, this is a warning and a second date should be a no-go.

When someone acts as if you’re in a serious, committed relationship or displays jealousy and demands to know if you’re talking to other people after just one date, these are red flags.

While it’s easy to feel flattered, you are still in the process of getting to know each other. You would be wise to take such actions seriously.

They don’t contact you for days or weeks

You had your first date and texted or called soon after to tell them how much you enjoyed it, but you don’t hear back.

Then you text again a few days later and still hear nothing.

You assume they aren’t interested and move on. Then weeks later you finally hear back from them, and they want to go on a second date.

Depending on how much you enjoyed your first date with this person, you may be tempted to give them another chance. Remember this was the same person who didn’t talk to you after your first date and save yourself the trouble.

Some actions should be considered red flags and taken seriously. You want to see the best in people, but ignoring truths will only hurt you in the future.