Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
Allergy Season

Funny Allergy Season Tweets That We Feel So Much

It’s time to STOP, CLARITIN, AND LISTEN! Allergy season is back giving you the runny nose glisten.

Okay, but seriously. Allergy season is here and we know it comes every season but it doesn’t make it any easier. After taking some allergy medicine, we decided to scroll through Twitter and listen to a bunch of other people complain so we felt better. Truth is, our eyes still itch, our noses are running, but at least we laughed. Here were 5 of our favorite tweets about allergy season.

People with allergies are suddenly easier to spot.

Funny Allergy 1


When you try so hard but still have to apologize for allergies.

‘Tis the season for sneezin. Enough said.

When even your mom doesn’t believe it’s “allergies”

But when all else fails, turn your misery into a drinking game.