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8 Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing More of This Spring

8 Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing More of This SpringSpring is a time of renewal, and fashion reflects that, as new styles emerge from the dreariness of winter. This year, labels are debuting bold new designs and reintroducing the beloved looks of years past in new contexts. Read on to learn about just eight of the many Fashion Trends that will be popping off this spring.

Layered Sheer Fabrics-

Sheer materials were hot in 2017, but often in the context of scandalous, revealing see-thru tops. This year, the materials are sticking around, but in a different context. Multiple layers of different sheer fabrics will be a popular look for tops this season, and you can expect to see interesting pairings as people look for colors that complement each other when juxtaposed.

Dressed-Up Trench Coats-

New York Fashion Week was replete with trench coats with additional accouterments, like lace ruffles, decorative zippers, and sewn-on patches. People are also changing up their trench coats by removing the sleeves. Watch out for these looks, particularly while it’s still coat weather.

Creative Checks-

The check pattern (crossed vertical and horizontal lines forming squares) is often associated with a buttoned-up, formal look, but this spring, it’s being put to use in far more daring ways. Sheer dresses, double-breasted suits, audacious miniskirts and more are being emblazoned with this pattern, for a look that contrasts formality and repetition with boldness and experimentation.

Particular Parkas

The nylon parka is finding a new home in the halls of high fashion, as Valentino and Calvin Klein have both incorporated striking versions of the large raincoat into their spring lines. The coat is functional in the rainy spring while also making a bold sartorial statement. It helps that the colors are far more pleasing to the eye than the traditional eye-searing yellow.

Fringed Edges

Fringes of all kinds are going to be big in spring, as designers are finding new ways to incorporate them into tops, bottoms, and accessories. Particularly exciting are new designs that feature multi-colored fringes, which mix and layer over each other in unique ways, each bit of fringe mingling with its neighbors in a new way each time the piece is worn.

Bike Shorts

Hot pants and short shorts are out, but that doesn’t mean provocative shorts are gone. Instead of cutting the length close, designers are keeping their shorts thigh length and tightening them up. The look is part athletic, part aesthetic, and pairs well with blousy tops on women and light jackets on men.

Heavy Branding

Logos are going to be front and center in Spring 2018, if Fashion Week was any indication. Designers featured the logo of their fashion house prominently in many of their items, often repeated over and over or arranged in a design. This is likely to be true both for haute couture brands and streetwear like Supreme.

Feathery Accents

Designers are incorporating multicolored feathers into their pieces for spring 2018, taking advantage of the diaphanous quality they have to add them to accessories or the shoulders of tops. Expect to see feathers everywhere.

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