Fri. Nov 16th, 2018
Facts About Norman Reedus

Did You Know These Facts About Norman Reedus?

Norman Reedus is an American actor, television host, and model. He is best known for starring in AMC’s horror drama series “The Walking Dead.” We also recently learned he’s expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Diane Kruger. While you may know these first few things, there may be some facts about Norman Reedus that you didn’t know. Let’s breakdown the facts about Norman Reedus:

  1. Norman was named after his father, Norman Sr. He has a tattoo on his chest that reads “Norman” in honor of his dad. He uses the memory of his father’s death to evoke Daryl’s emotional response to Merle’s (his brother in The Walking Dead) death in Season 3.
  2. Growing up, his role model was a French scientist named Jacques Cousteau.
  3. He is a lover of animals and a backer of the Cruelty-Free International campaign.
  4. He lives outside of town in Georgia when he’s not filming. He would prefer to have what he calls “street level fame,” where fans know him from the show but not everything about him.
  5. He has a son with supermodel, Helena Christensen. Their sons name is Mingus, he was born in 1999.Facts about Norman Reedus
  6. While other stars have left The Walking Dead for bigger roles and more stardom, Reedus has no intention of doing that. His role has Daryl is very important to him.
  7. He has 3 rooms in his NYC apartment that are dedicated to gifts that fans have sent him over the years.
  8. Acting wasn’t his first choice; he’s also an artist and a photographer. He once sculpted a vagina out of a rock. Apparently, it was very detailed.
  9. His first guest role on TV was on the show “Charmed”. He played Nate Parks, boyfriend of “Paige”.
  10. He dropped out of high school to move to Tokyo, then London, then Spain, then to Los Angeles, where he would be “discovered” as an actor.
  11. While in Spain, he supported himself by selling paintings of stray cats.
  12. Reedus helped shaped Daryl’s character. Daryl wasn’t originally in the comic books, so the show was able to create him. Originally, they wanted him to be like his brother Merle, a drug using racist. Reedus suggested taking it in a different direction, and they did.
  13. He modeled for Prada once. Norman Reedus Prada
  14. He has described himself as a neat freak. His favorite cleaning item is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  15. He had a band as a teenager called “Vicious Prick.”
  16. He doesn’t memorize The Walking Dead script until the day his scenes are filmed.
  17. His choice of disguise is a Panda suit at Comic Con.
  18. He was discovered at a party in L.A, when someone asked if he wanted to star in a play.

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