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Facts about Bourbon on National Bourbon Day

Today, June 14th, is National Bourbon Day and the Twitterverse is excited! Well, even past Twitter, the world seems to be excited in general. We didn’t want to miss the party so we’re obviously ready to give you some facts about bourbon.

  • The name “Bourbon” derives from The House of Bourbon, French royalty who came to power in the 16th century .
  • By law, bourbon barrels can only be used once.
  • There are actually 6 laws that make it bourbon.

    1.) American made

    2.) made of no less than 51% corn mash

    3.) aged in a new, unused charred barrel

    4.) distilled no higher than 80 percent ABV

    5.) entered into a barrel no higher than 62.5 percent ABV

    6.) filled into a bottle no less than 40 percent ABV and no more than 160 percent ABV

  • Bourbon has to be aged in oak barrels that have been charred.
  • Not all bourbon comes from Kentucky.
  • Where bourbon is DISTILLED matters much less than where it’s aged.
  • The seasons matter in the aging process. During the summer the barrel shrinks and winter it expands, causing the bourbon to go in and out of the wood, grabbing that oaky flavor.
  • Thomas Jefferson loved it and in the 1780s, he offered farmers 60 acres of land to grow the “crops of natives origin.” He called the land Bourbon County.

  • The whiskey has to go in the barrel at 62.5% ABV.
  • White Dog is an un-aged bourbon.
  • Sour Mash bourbon does not actually taste sour.
  • Bourbon is America’s one and only native spirit.

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