Sat. Aug 18th, 2018
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6 Top Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Get your ex back Get Your Ex Back! It goes without saying that humans need each other, all the time. We depend on each other, and this is never truer than with males and females. ​

We form special relationships, often for one special purpose – but there are always unique and unusual moments in a relationship that we cherish.

This kind of relationship is hard to find, because it can only be with ‘The One’. Keeping these relationships might not be the easiest trick in the book, since every relationship takes hard work and hard love to maintain.

So what happens when you manage to screw up so badly that that “The One” becomes “The Ex”? Maybe you get into a fight. Maybe your rift was a gradual thing that grew and ended in your breakup. Do not let him/her become the one that got away!

Yes, maybe you didn’t work as hard on your relationship as you thought, which is why it failed. ​There’s still time. There is still hope! If you cherished every single moment with them and were truly a better person when you were with them, fight for them.​ Let’s have look at a few tips to understand your love and get your “ex” back.​

Accept it – for a while

The earliest stages of the breakup will be the toughest. Since the wound is still fresh, your natural instinct will be to heal it as soon as possible. And by that, I mean you will try to call and text and just reach out to your loved one to get them back.

You will need to do that a number of times.

Have you ever heard of anyone who got their ex-back immediately after she left him after a fight just because he called her immediately afterwards?

No. When you do this, not only do you appear immature and needy, you tend to say a lot of silly things and make false promises –

“It’ll be better, I swear!”

Even though that isn’t necessarily a fake promise, at that desperate time you’ll say anything.

What you need to do is to accept it for a while. Intend to make it better, but for the first few days (or weeks, depending on your situation) let her or him go. And avoid contact.

Do not degrade yourself by begging and pleading. This will make you seem needy and insecure. You don’t want your significant other seeing or thinking that, ever.​


YES, Give Them Space and Give Yourself Time

As I mentioned earlier, you should never try to get your ex-back by immediately contacting them directly afterwards, especially after a fight. What I didn’t say is that it should stay this way for a while.

Do not attempt to make contact on any platform, i.e., Facebook, texts, calling and, of course, in real life.

Avoid all the places they hang out. This can only benefit you. Take as much time as you need to stabilize yourself. Become a happier person.

Learn to be happy without them, so that if you do manage to get together again you’ll appreciate life a lot more. You shouldn’t really express or declare your love – you want to cut contact for a short period.​

Occupy Yourself- During the time you two are separated, you should indulge yourself.

Grieve over the relationship, because it deserves to be grieved over, but don’t spend a month or so secluded in your room and eating pizza all the time.

In that period, your ex would still care about you, so you shouldn’t give them something that is repulsive or anything that isn’t genuine.

Once you start accepting it, you need to make yourself better.

Get rid of everything that your lover didn’t like about you. Hit the gym, work on your wardrobe.

Work on your mind by doing yoga or reading books. You want to be a better person.​

Contact Them after Occupying Yourself- ​

After the no-contact period, your ex will be wondering what you’ve been up to. After you’ve worked on yourself and taken the appropriate time, contact them.

A text would be ideal because the awkwardness of calling isn’t there. Start off like you’re talking to a normal friend.

Tell them what you’ve been up to, ask about them. Some people say a handwritten letter is a good idea, and I agree. It is genuine.

Ask Them Out- ​After you’re confident that you’ve made enough interesting conversation, ask them out on a date.

This should ONLY happen when you’re sure they’re comfortable with having you around. Don’t talk about the past. Be genuine. It’ll work. Good luck