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Best Tips for Eating Out When You’re Diabetic

Everyone loves visiting a cafe or restaurant with family and friends for a night out. That pleasure shouldn’t have to end simply because you’ve got diabetes. However, you will have to take some precautions so that you don’t suffer for it. Here is a little sound advice that will help you keep your diabetes under control when you eat out.

Keep Portions Small

Consider going to a fancier restaurant that serves high-quality gourmet food in smaller portions. This way, you are not overindulging, and you can enjoy trying different foods that you might not ordinarily eat.

When eating at a new restaurant, head to the bathroom and take a quick walk around to see what other individuals have ordered. This will help you get an idea of what to order based on meal sizes.

If a meal is too large, you don’t have to eat it all. You might decide to take half of it home for later or split half of it with a friend who is also watching what they eat. By doing this, you’ll have a little extra treat without overeating.

With regards to dessert, always share. Most desserts are way too big to eat by yourself. Just a few mouthfuls of dessert is usually enough to curb your sugar cravings.

Eat Wisely

Have a nutritious snack before going out to a restaurant, so you aren’t as hungry. Then you’ll likely make a smarter meal choice and won’t be tempted to over-stuff yourself.

You shouldn’t be afraid to inquire about the meals on the menu before ordering. State your requirements since many chefs can cook meals differently on request. Steer clear of fatty fried foods. Get sauces served separately on the side rather than on your food. Try eating lower calorie soups or salads rather than high-calorie dips and bread.

Sip a glass of water before each course, which will help to fill you up, so you eat less. Order a jug of water before your meal and keep it handy. Avoid drinking soda or alcohol, mainly if your blood sugar levels are high.

Have a Support Group

Go out with those who are also picky about the things they eat. It’s often simpler to dine with individuals who’ve got similar goals since you won’t feel awkward when ordering and you will have the support of others to stick to your diabetic diet.

Eating out doesn’t have to be off limits just because you are diabetic. Playing it smart with food choices and portions will let you enjoy a night out with friends without paying for it with your health.

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