Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is DARK

We’re huge fans of Drew Barrymore because how can you not be? From E.T to the Wedding Singer to her latest show, Santa Clarita Diet, we fall in love with her over and over again.

Maybe that’s why we were surprised to learn she considers herself to be a dark person.

In an interview with Willie Geist from the TODAY show, Drew Barrymore opens up about healing relationships with her parents, having a dark side, and in the end being optimistic, and forgiving people.

Here are four of our favorite Drew Barrymore quotes from the interview:

“It’s a war, you have to fight every day to be happy.”

“I’ve got enough demons inside to work with too. I’m a dark person.”

“Oh yeah, it’s in there. There is some really sick, weird stuff going on in there.”

“I choose to march in the army of optimism.”

She also mention she’s very good at forgiving people, but she may not always forget. Sometimes it’s just so refreshing to hear a celebrity open up and be real. So many of us struggle each day to maintain stability, to fight for happiness. It’s comforting to hear we’re not alone. Today, try to choose to march in the army of optimism, march with Drew Barrymore.

A girl after our own hearts. We love you, Drew Barrymore.