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dreaming of drowning

Are You Dreaming of Drowning? [What It Means]

drowning Are you dreaming of drowning? These dreams can often leave us in a weird head space when we wake and often times may be reoccurring.
However, when you dream of drowning there is usually a reason.

Water represents emotion so you may be dealing with an emotional sadness, a loss, or a burden.

These are some specific reasons you may be dreaming about drowning.

You are in too deep

Whether it is a relationship or an idea, you are in too deep. It is taking up too much space, clouding your mind, and bringing imbalance to your journey. Dreaming of drowning is almost always a warning that you have gone too far or even can go as far as you’re struggling to survive.

You Are Overwhelmed With Emotion

If you’re seeing yourself drown in a dream, you’re most likely overwhelmed in emotion in real life. Are you going through a lot? Under a lot of stress? Big life event? There’s most likely too much going on in your life. The water depicts fear of being overwhelmed and can be applied to even natural urges such as eating habits.

You’re Feeling Threatened or Burdened.

Sometimes we’re literally “drowning” in emotion in our lives. This could be “drowning” in sorrow but it could also be applied to anxiety.

You may be feeling like you’ve lost your creativity, your responsiveness, or you may even feel like part of you is no longer alive.


Now, for our dreamers who want a bit more of an analysis. Let us take this a bit further. If you vividly remember your dream, then the location where you are drowning could actually play a role as well. Depending if it’s a pool or an ocean, if you’re alone or with others, all of this plays a role in the meaning behind the dream.

If You’re Drowning In The Ocean…

If someone is to drown while swimming into the ocean, this usually means the person has a good handle on their emotions, they swim with the tide; they have a good ebb and flow of life.

However, when the dreamer can no longer stay above water, this usually means there is something in their life that has become to much of a burden.

Rather than be able to float on water, the personal stress has gotten to the point where it is weighing the dreamer down.

If the drowning occurs suddenly, this could indicate the stressful life situation was also sudden. Maybe an unexpected breakup? Unexpected loss? The list goes on.

If the dreamer is thrown around by the waves or into the rocks, this could mean they’ve recently been hurt or effected by someone else’s words or actions.
If you’re drowning in a pool…

Drowning in a pool is a completely different scenario than when you’re drowning in an ocean. The pool will most likely indicate that something in the dreamer’s life may appear to be great on the outside but inside is not fully functioning. This is because pools are man-made and not a natural body of water.

It is artificially blue, kept clear and clean, and intentionally manufactured.

If the dreamer is drowning alone in the pool, this can indicate that the person may no longer be living a sustainable life. Maybe it’s time to downsize? Something in the dreamers life must change and the dreamer must take responsibility for this. This can also be true if the dreamer is drowning with others, however now they make be experiencing this difficulty in a public way.

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