Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
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Did You Know: Kanye West

As of late, Kanye West has been making waves in the media. His Twitter rants have been extra, his support for Trump has been the most, and many people have questioned his mental health. However, despite the criticism and backlash that he’s been receiving, he hasn’t slowed down. Is this him voicing his true views of his enlightened thinking OR is this a Kardashian tactic to uproar the media right before something’s about to drop? We don’t know yet but we do know this about Kanye West:

(Photo credit: Vanity Fair)

1. He is a Gemini (born June 8th, 1977)

2. His name means “the only one” in Swahilli

3. His father was a Black Panther

4. He sold his first beat to local Chicago rapper Gravity for $8,800

5. He lived in China for year when he was 10 years old, his mother was teaching at Nanjing University

6. Kanye’s mixed the song “Stronger” 50 times before he was happy with it

7. After his near fatal car accident in 2002, he wrote “Through the Wire”

8. ‘College Dropout’ was album of the year by almost every publication (New York Times, Time Magazine, GQ, Spin, XXL, Rolling Stone).

9. The bear on his first 3 album covers is named “Dropout”

10. One of his favorite bands in Franz Ferdinand

11. Kanye was engaged to designer Alexis Phifer for 18 months before he began a relationship Amber Rose.

12. He has won 21 Grammy’s

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