Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
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Top 5 Natural Ways To Detox Your Body [Fast Results]

Detox your liverIt is no secret that a lot of the food in our grocery stores today is filled with preservatives and toxins.

Detoxing your body including detoxing your liver can lead to many improved health benefits such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease.

However, detoxing is not a once-off solution, in order to truly capitalize on the benefits of detoxing, it must be performed regularly.

In this article we will look at several natural foods that are amazing at flushing out all the toxins in your body.

Activated Charcoal- ​We realize it might be weird to hear that you will need to eat some charcoal to cleanse your body, but the science backs us up.

​Activated charcoal is basically a form of carbon that comes in compressed, black powder, most commonly found in pill form. It is odorless and tasteless, and works by absorbing and flushing out the toxins in your body. It is recommended to take about 20-40 grams a day, based on weight, with a glass of water.​

Green Tea- One of the most powerful tools you have in detoxing your body is green tea.

The tea leaves are filled with antioxidants known as catechins which are essential for improved liver function. Just drinking a cup or two of green tea a day will help your body flush out most of the toxins.

Citrus Fruits and Citrus Pectin are known for their abundance of Vitamin C, which also turns out to be one of the most powerful detoxifying vitamins available. 

Citrus also helps your body repair your digestive tract and helps to increase the production of digestive enzymes.

Starting your day off with an orange or a grapefruit will certainly help you detox your body while improving almost every other aspect of your health as well.

Citrus pectin is found on the inner peel of citrus fruits and is proven to be an even better detoxifier than just plain citrus fruit. You can find the extracts of citrus pectin at various vitamin stores.​

Garlic- ​A staple in almost any cuisine, garlic is one of the most used ingredients in the culinary world.

However, many people are still surprised to learn that it is also one of the most powerful antioxidants.

Just like the citrus fruits, garlic will help your body produce those crucial digestive enzymes in your liver that it so desperately needs. ​Eating just a clove of fresh or encapsulated garlic will lead to a toxin-free body and provide other health benefits such as anti-aging and reduced stress levels.

Leafy Greens- By now, we have probably all heard about the superfoods

such as kale, spinach, and alfalfa that have been popularized by health-conscious suburbanites.

We are here to confirm that this is not just a marketing ploy, these foods do provide tremendous health benefits, especially for those people trying to detox their body.

The common nutrient in all green plants is chlorophyll, the best known natural cleansing agents. Chlorophyll will not only help rid your body of toxins, it will also inhibit the development of toxic bacteria inside your body.