Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
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Harmful Chemicals in Shampoo & Conditioner [Benefits Organic Shampoo]

Harmful chemicals in shampooChemicals in Shampoo is something we trend to ignore. Over the past few years the increase of organic shampoo/products have risen due to more people recognizing that organic is better for the body.

Some are willing to spend a little extra on organically grown foods to avoid eating fruits and vegetables that have been treated with harmful pesticides.

But not everyone considers the dangers and harmful chemicals in shampoos and conditioners.

What we put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

The scalp and skin absorb shampoos and conditioners, which means the body is taking in harmful chemicals that are present in most manufactured shampoos and conditioners.

Using organic shampoos has a lot of benefits, not only for healthy hair but also for the body.

Scientists advise eating turmeric or drinking it daily to enhance your body’s immune system to stimulate hair growth. The spice even helps autoimmune conditions like alopecia

Asanas that feature the inversion of one’s head are beneficial; that would include the shoulder stand and head stand. There are numerous yoga positions that target this area of the body.

Hair and Scalp Health. We have to start at the scalp first 

There are a lot of products to choose from, each claiming to help with one thing or another such as a dry scalp and dandruff; fine, limp hair; frizzy hair; broken ends and so on.

The problem is that most manufactured shampoos contain chemicals that actually cause more damage to the hair and scalp. They can cause premature graying, hair loss, and even baldness.

These shampoos can cause a lot of damage to your hair, and may even be responsible for causing the very conditions you’re trying to correct by using them.

Organic shampoos can be purchased in many different varieties and brands as well. For example, for someone suffering from dry scalp or dandruff issues, Amazon sells Scalp18 Coal Tar Therapeutic Anti Dandruff Shampoo by Art Naturals for $14.95.

Free of dangerous ingredients. I want harmful chemicals on my head, said no one ever!

Most manufactured shampoos contain chemicals known to cause cancer and other problems; however, the amounts contained in one bottle are considered too small to be of much concern.

The problem is, over a period of time, using products with these chemicals can cause health concerns. For example, propylene glycol (antifreeze) and olefin sulfonate (deodorized kerosene) are common ingredients in most shampoos.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is used in at least 90 percent of commonly used shampoos and is known to cause cataracts in adults as well as improper eye development in children.

Organic shampoos, on the other hand, such as Tru Moroccan, available on Amazon for $10.87, use all-natural ingredients including oils and herbs for healthy, shiny hair.

Natural Remedies. There are so many benefits, why wouldn’t you switch?

Nature provides just about everything we need. Companies and manufacturers synthesize nature’s ingredients so that they can sell more product.

However, in the synthesizing process, many of the natural elements that make these ingredients so beneficial are lost. Using organic shampoos provides essential oils and nutrients that not only clean the hair and scalp, they actually help improve and protect from more damage.

These natural ingredients help your body produce healthy oils for the scalp and follicles which help with hair growth and that shiny, healthy appearance.

Unlike synthesized shampoos, natural ingredients will clean your hair without creating a blockage to the follicles with unhealthy chemicals and compounds.

Argan Oil Shampoo, available at Amazon for $14.95, is a daily shampoo for children, adults, color treated hair, males, and females.

Cost saving in the long run. Longterm cheapers to go organic

 Although organic shampoo may seem more expensive, when everything is taken into consideration, buying organic shampoo is actually cheaper.

Once the hair and scalp have been treated with organic shampoos and all of the harmful chemical products have been removed from the hair and follicles, then it will be less likely you will need to buy specialty shampoos for conditions such as dandruff or split ends.

Using organic shampoos has the added benefit of providing preventive conditions as well.

So now, instead of buying corrective shampoos for conditions likely caused from the harmful chemicals in manufactured shampoos, you will likely only need to purchase your favorite bottle of organic shampoo.

Here Are Some Harmful Chemicals to Avoid: Synthetic colors, Parabens, Fragrance, Triclosan, Sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, Formaldehyde and Toluene