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Is This Season of Southern Charm All About Breakups 2

Craig and Naomie

Last season things felt straight up TENSE between Craig and Naomie. They had ups and downs but the general feeling we got was mainly like, “Does Naomie even like Craig?” and then she basically admitted she doesn’t. Ok, well she obviously loves him but she did say something along the lines with, “If this is who you are, be it but not with me because I don’t like who you are.” (Refer to Jay-Z above to see how we also reacted to that).

This season it looks like they’re both coming out strong in the single life, both having new houses and all. The previews have led us to believe that this season will be a lot of heated discussions for the two of them but nothing has given us an indication that they’ll get back together.

J.D and Elizabeth

OK WE DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! We kind of felt like they were this solid couple, strong united force, setting examples for the rest of the hooligans but it seems we may have been wrong. Especially after listening to Kathryn, Chelsea, Naomie, and Danni speak about it before Shep’s party.

We’re still looking for more details on this one but I think there is a lot that will come out this season, or at least we hope so. Both of them not wearing wedding rings right at the gate seems pretty official to us.

Danni and Todd

So we have to admit, Danni has always been one of our favorites on the show. She always seems so chill, she’s gorgeous, she knows her wine and spirits, and oh, she’s an artist! We didn’t know much about Todd since he wasn’t on the show but Danni tweeted “He’ll always b the BEST man I’ll ever know,” so it sounds like things ended amicably.

Oh, and if you didn’t know Danni was an artist, let us leave you with this:

All in all, we are on the edge of our seats to see what unfolds this season. Southern Charm has been a favorite of ours since it aired and it feels like the seasons keep getting better and better.