Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
carl tv show

How We Fell in Love With Carl (After Meeting His Mom)

Everyone knows the old saying, “A man will treat you the way he treats his mother,” so maybe that’s why we’re falling for Carl this season of Summer House.

Originally, watching the season, we kind of thought Carl was just a man whore. Honestly, we might still be right but something about seeing this man care for his mother has melted our hearts.

As we’ve seen this season, Carl’s mom is going through a divorce. Carl has said multiple times his number one priority is his mother and reiterated it in last night’s episode clearly stating his priority is his “M-O-M.”

Clearly he hasn’t treated Lauren with the same respect so maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors but the last few episodes of Summer House have left us saying “Aww” whenever Carl is on screen.

What will the rest of the summer hold? I know we’re on the edge of seats.