Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
Devin Walker MTV


Devin Walker, Johnny Bananas
Credit: MTV

If you’re a fan of the Challenge then you know about the rivalry between Devin Walker and Johnny Bananas. In the past it’s been a lot of shit talk from both guys, but with Bananas having six wins under his belt, he kind of had the upper hand.

However, this season on The Challenge: Vendettas, Devin has not been holding back. It honestly seems like his main mission in the house is to destroy Bananas. This isn’t unusual though. With Bananas’s six wins, every one wants to see him gone. Well, at least everyone besides Leroy.
On Tuesday night’s episode, it was already known Devin would be going to elimination but it was unknown who he’d be competing against. The troika, and deciding factor on who goes into elimination, was Kailah, Tony, and Zach. Johnny was probably feeling pretty comfortable with this Troika at the time because Tony and Zach were his allies.
Devin on the other hand was going to do everything in his power to make sure Banana’s ended up in the elimination against him. Boy, oh boy did Devin put in work! He started by causing drama, telling Nelson that his current hook up Kayleigh was also hooking up with Bananas. Not only did this effect Nelson and Kayleigh, but when Natalie (Johnny’s ‘show boo’) found out, it caused some tension with them as well. Devin’s goal was to get Johnny riled up and regardless of what Johnny says, we think it worked.
On the night of elimination, Kailah says Johnny’s name, which was no surprise to anyone. Zach, of course, says Nelson’s name because he’s always been #TeamBananas. So it all comes down to Tony. For those who don’t know, Tony has always been a fan of Johnny and he himself will admit he’s always looked up to him. This season though, we’ve seen a different Tony Raines. For starters, he’s been winning challenges, which is rare for him (sorry Tony, we love you!) and secondly, he’s got a lot more confidence in his game.
We knew Tony was different but that didn’t stop our jaws from hitting the ground when Tony casts the last and final vote for BANANAS. We immediately were filled were overwhelming anxiety and excitement because this means Devin’s biggest wish just came true; he would have the opportunity to send Johnny packing.
The elimination was a puzzle but also required a bit of endurance running back and forth. It was neck and neck the whole time and even the other competitors didn’t know who was winning.
Devin finished the puzzle eliminating Johnny Bananas from the competition and the crowd went wild. Don’t get us wrong, we do love Johnny Bananas because he represents a huge part of the Challenge. We can’t lie though, seeing him get sent home by Devin just felt good. Like the underdog took out the champion. Oh, and Devin was so happy we could literally feel his energy through the tv.
We will miss you Johnny Bananas, but we have no doubts you’ll be back.