Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
Best Reality TV Shows

The Best Reality TV Shows On Right Now

Reality TV shows come and go, but some stay in our hearts forever. Are you looking for the best reality TV shows on right now?! Well, we can help. Let us show you what you’ve been missing by introducing our top 3 favorite reality TV shows on right now.


We’re 3 episodes into the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean and we’re obsessed. We’ve loved this show since it graced our television screens and this season is not disappointing us either. To start, Captain Sandy is NOT messing around this season. She’s coming in strong and assertive, taking no BS or slacking from anyone. Also, we’re watching this little love blossom between Chief Stew Hannah and Bosun Conrad, which has us screaming inside. WE NEED MORE DETAILS. However, it does look like this little romance can cause some distractions because previews for the rest of the season look juicy. We’re slightly confused how Kasey is still around considering she’s been seasick for most of the trip and even on her meds, she doesn’t appear to be “wowing” anyone but we’re giving her a chance because she’s a New Yorker and we believe in you.


We’ll be real; season 1 of this show wasn’t our favorite. But it just seems to keep getting better. This season we are cued up every week to see what unfolds. Honestly, we love the best friendship between Robin and Giselle. They are ride or die for each other and truly entertaining to watch. Ashley has been cracking us up this season. She’s not holding back and saying some real sh*t. Or at least we think it’s real? I don’t know. Clearly, we’ve chosen a side. Watch the show then try to argue with us.


We know Southern Charm has some spin offs but the OG version is where it’s at. Cam is like SUPER pregnant right now, but her sarcasm, wit, and Instagram account keep us non-stop laughing. Naomi is ON ONE this season, move out the way. We live to see who she will yell at next. The best part about Naomi is she is OWNING it. She openly admits she’s being a literally crazy and if you own it, then WHO GONNA SAY SOMETHING?! Not us. Austen can go kick rocks this season because we’re over his whole, “I’m a good guy, not a player” routine because he’s clearly a player. Boy, bye. Chelsea is flawless and perfect as always. Thomas is getting creepier by the episode and his girlfriend Ashley is the worst. Kathryn has quickly become a favorite for us. She is calm, composed, and sits back with style while Thomas openly flirts with her in front of his new girlfriend. Craig is also a favorite, and he can sew us a pillow ANY TIME.

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