Sun. Aug 19th, 2018
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6 of the Best Mr. T Memes on His 66th Birthday

Today, May 21st 2018, Mr. T turns 66 years old. We thought of some ways to celebrate, we figured 6 of the best Mr. T memes would be the way to go. In case anyone doesn’t know who Mr. T is (and if you don’t, we pity you fools), he is an American actor and former professional wrestler. When it comes to acting, he is best known for starring in the television series The A-Team, as well as, Rocky III. He’s also known for his iconic hairstyle and pitying fools. Now let’s get to the memes.

There was a time before his iconic hair and the pitying of fools.

But when he encountered fools, he had to start pitying them.

Then he’d been pitying so long, they became brain teasers.

We got so confused we almost thought this was him. 

(Spoiler Alert: It’s Michael Jordan. Two memes in one.)

So then we took time to reflect, hence the black & white.

And if you didn’t like this article, this is for you.


Moral of the story? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. T!