Fri. Jan 18th, 2019
Becca Bachlorette

Awkward Moments from Episode 1 of the Bachlorette

The Bachlorette has returned and it’s time for Becca to take the driver seat! Or should we not make car references? Skkrrrttt.
Well let’s get to it. Last night we got to meet all the contestants, some more than others. We also got to form opinions on the men, some more than others. There’s so much to talk about but we want to speak on the juicy stuff. And by juicy, we mean awkward. Here were some of our favorite awkward moments from Episode 1 of the Bachlorette:

1. The Entrance of Joe, the Grocery Store owner

Ugh, it was so painful. But also so cute. But also painful and awkward to watch. He forgot everything he was supposed to say and just stood there. Unfortunately his entrance didn’t splash, because the former watermelon man was sent packing. Joe, we’re still single!

2. Kamil, the 60-40 guy

Ok, what the hell was this?! I’m surprised Becca even agreed to meet him halfway because we sure as heck wouldn’t. And then once he got her to 50-50, he wants HER to give HIM 60%? Boy, bye. Happy to see this one go.

3. Nick, the Lawyer, Wearing a Race Car Driver suit. 

We’re still not sure what that was exactly? What was the point of the race car suit? To take it off and reveal a suit that every other man is wearing? And he’s not even a race car driver.

4. Jake from Minneapolis and His “Transformative Year”

Well the first awkward part about this, was that they clearly had met multiple times but all Jake can remember is this infamous Christmas party. Despite Becca telling him over and over that they met more than once, he held firm. It then got even more awkward when the big thing he HAD to tell her was that he had a “really transformative year.” Yeah, byeeee Jake.