Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

Ariana Grande Opens Up About PTSD

Ariana Grande is speaking out about her PTSD and we think that’s really important.

It was just over a year ago when the suicide bombing occurred at Grande’s concert in Manchester, UK. 22 people died as a result of the bombing. A majority of the deaths were younger teenage fans, with the youngest casualty being an 8 year old girl.

Grande told British Vogue, “I know those families and my fans, and everyone there experienced a tremendous amount of it as well. I feel like I shouldn’t even be talking about my own experience — like I shouldn’t even say anything.”

The performer went on to say, “It’s hard to talk about because so many people have suffered such severe, tremendous loss. Time is the biggest thing.”

Ariana Grande PTSDAriana’s Tattoo

She also posted a picture of a tattoo, a small bee behind her ear. This is in remembrance of the victims in the Manchester bombing. The bee is a historic symbol of the city of Manchester. During the Industrial Revolution, their factories were named “beehives” because of their productivity. To the people of Manchester, it can also be seen as a symbol of teamwork.

Our thoughts?

Ariana was at British Vogue to be featured on their cover, she didn’t have to talk about her struggles with PTSD, but she did. We think it’s great to talk about these issues and use your platform to advocate and educate where you can.

On a happier note, the photo shoot she did was amazing. She is breathtaking and other celebrities are noticing. Her new boyfriend, SNL star Pete Davidson said he is the luckiest, while Bella and GiGi Hadid reacted with “omg hi” and “omg my angel.” Katy Perry even commented saying, “Omg I’ve never seen you like this. LOVE!”


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