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anxiety and anger

Can Anxiety Make You Angry?

Anger and Anxiety Can Anxiety Make You Angry?

The word anxiety might make you think of nervousness and unease, but anger? Possibly not. Anything associated with discomfort, though, can make you angry, depending on whether you project your emotions on others or draw it inwards and blame problems on yourself. Anger may also stem from pain.

Looking inward

Some people judge themselves harshly, imagining difficulties arise due to their incompetence. They aren’t necessarily insecure; in fact, many are confident. They think a great deal, though, and reflect on how they can improve by analyzing their behavior. As a result, they may focus on their mistakes instead of examining the part other people play in their experiences.

They don’t get angry with others much but may be frustrated with themselves.

Outward projectors

Other people look outside themselves for causes of angst. If they are unhappy, they imagine someone else is at fault and become angry. They don’t understand they create the emotions they experience and, although they may seem assertive, are insecure.

You can’t be self-confident when you think other people can make you happy or unhappy, rendering you powerless.

Pain can make you lash out

Deep emotional or physical pain may make people angry too, either at themselves, their situation, or at others. Such anger is the result of the search for improvement and is sometimes a healthier alternative to depression.

If you’re in an ongoing stressful situation, getting angry can be your way of trying to create change. People who look inward too much sometimes sink into depression rather than getting angry.

Self-hatred and a sense of hopelessness can even make them suicidal. Angry people cope better with non-stop difficulties.

Of course, being calm and emotionally balanced is best, but anger can be healthier than self-reproach.

Anxiety can, indeed, make you angry. Sometimes your anger may harm your relationships if you blame friends and family for setbacks. However, getting angry may help you cope at other times when the other choice is depression.

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