Fri. Nov 16th, 2018
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10 Tips to Decorate Your New House on A Budget

10 Tips to Decorate Your New House on A Budget: Living in a pleasant place does wonders for a person’s mental health. When we enjoy our surroundings, we have better relationships, sleep better, and think more clearly, as well as being more productive. But to get to that healthy place, we have to start somewhere—and the blank canvas of a new place can be intimidating. Especially if your budget is limited, decorating a house can seem like a mighty tall order. Not to worry: here are 15 simple tips for decorating your house without breaking the bank.

1. Use Double-Duty Furnishings– Look for items that are both decorative and functional-this saves you money both on decorations and home essentials. An example: look for a decorative coffee table with drawers that use can use to store important items. That way, you won’t need to invest in as much shelving.

2. Improve Your Lighting for Cheap- A shift in lighting can transform an entire room or house. But you don’t need to invest in expensive colored light bulbs or new lamps to improve the ambiance of your home. Try spray-painting a white lampshade to cast a new hue over a room… Continue Reading>>>>