Fri. Nov 16th, 2018
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10 Tips to Decorate Your New House on A Budget 2

3. Showcase Your Books- Few homes have enough rooms for a dedicated library, which means your books are going to be out in the open. Use them as decorations! Try arranging your books by cover along a color gradient. You’d be surprised by the way this colorful usage of literature brings a room together-all at no additional expense to you.

4. Make a Patchwork Rug- Rather than spending the big bucks for an expensive, full-room rug, sew together some smaller area rugs into a larger one. Many rug stores will even have excess bits of carpet left over. Your Franken-rug will have a great story behind it and a unique character all its own.

5. Use Your Ceiling- We tend to spend more money on decorations when we don’t feel like a room is full enough, but one cheat to make a room feel chock full of character is to decorate your ceiling. Painting your ceiling or adding beams is a way to celebrate this often-ignored part of your house and make any room feel more lived-in.

6. Use Drop Cloths as Drapes- Drapes and curtains are expensive, but painters’ drop cloths are not, and they serve much the same purpose! Find some that match the color scheme of your home and hang them up. Few people will be able to tell the difference.

7. Check Out Estate Sales- If you’re OK with owning a dead person’s decorations, you can find some amazing bargains at estate sales. This is a particularly good tip for the nostalgia-minded, as you’re likely to stumble over artifacts from a bygone era that, when repurposed, will lend your home an otherworldly charm.

8. Mirror, Mirror…Everywhere? – If you don’t want to spring for expensive wall art, a way to make any room feel bigger is adding a mirror. And you don’t need to confine yourself to the walls! Adding felt to the back of a mirror can turn it into a great tray for candles or other knick-knacks.

9. Install A Chair Rail- This nifty little bit of molding can drastically alter the way your eye perceives a room – and it’s the type of project you can knock out in under an hour, and for only a couple of bucks. Try painting the walls different shades above and below your rail.

10. Upgrade Your Shower Curtain- While shower curtains are essential, they don’t have to be boring. Seek out a curtain with a design and color scheme that complements your vision for your bathroom-you’ll be surprised how much it impacts the overall vibe of the room.