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These 4 New Age Workouts Are Changing the Way People Exercise for the Better

These 4 New Age Workouts Are Changing the Way People Exercise for the Better: Exercise, like dieting, is one of those fields that’s constant advancing and evolving. Believe it or not, people are still making new discoveries about the human body and finding new ways to exercise and lose weight. Here are some of the newest exercise regimens revolutionizing the way people work out today.

1. CrossFit- CrossFit has the highest profile out of any fitness regimen. Although it’s been around since 2000, it’s only really risen to prominence in the last 20 years, and chances are you know a few people who are constantly going on about it. That’s because the culture promoted by the program is one of intense competition and enthusiasm. CrossFit workouts have been characterized as free-ranging, with exercises ranging from weight training to gymnastics to plyometrics. CrossFit has proven effective for many people, although its intense movements have been known to cause injuries. It’s a good regimen if you’re looking for full-body fitness, rather than working on a particular area, and the team atmosphere is great if you lack motivation.

2. Hot Yoga- Hot yoga has exploded over the last few years, for women and men alike. The addition of heat and humidity to the ancient physical and spiritual exercise of yoga takes the practice to a new level of intensity and difficulty. The heat improves circulation to your joints, making previously unattainable forms possible, and the profuse sweating that happens, as a result, helps evacuate your body of toxins. Hot yoga originated in 1972 but now takes several different forms. Bikram yoga continues to be one of the most common, which is a testament to its efficacy, since the founder of the tradition fled the United States in 2016 following allegations of heinous behavior. But Forrest and Power yoga are also popping up in studios around the country… Continue Reading >>>>