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10 Warning Signs That Your Partner Cheating on You

Is your partner cheating on you? If you’ve started feeling like something isn’t quite right in your relationship, ask yourself if another person could be involved.

Most partners who cheat follow specific patterns of behavior. Take a look at these 10 warning signs that could mean they are cheating.

They  become more particular about their hygiene.

When people start a new relationship, they tend to look their best. If their trying to impress another person, they may start paying more attention to his/her hair and clothing. They might shower more often, either to be more attractive to his/her or to mask the scent of their behavior. They might also start a new hygiene habit like manscaping, getting manicures or using perfume/cologne.

Buying you gifts.

Sometimes people who cheat will start showering their partners with gifts because they feel guilty about what they are doing. If your partner typically isn’t a gift-giver but suddenly starts coming home with flowers, jewelry and/or gift in general, it could be a warning sign.

Talks about ending your relationship.

Does your partner talk about breaking up whenever you get into an argument or fight? When people suggest splitting up or threaten to leave, it’s often a sign that they’ve been thinking about it… Continue Reading >>>>